CityCycler is a mobile app with a mission to get more people cycling in London

Stuck with public transport but still not ready to cycle? We know that people avoid cycling in London because the traffic is daunting, or they don’t know the culture or etiquette.

CityCycler breaks down these barriers by pairing up new and experienced cyclists on the same routes.

Sharing this information leads to safer, more knowledgeable cyclists. The more we are - the better we ride, the better provision of services and the safer it is - for all of us. Route by route, we will make London a cycle city.

Find cyclists who can accompany and guide you on your first ride.

Experienced cyclists are waiting to show you their routes to help you learn to navigate London by bike

Find people who want to cycle along your daily routes.

Tell CityCycler which routes you cycle regularly, match with people who are close to you, teach them your routes and make friends!


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